GenomeRNAi - a database for RNAi phenotypes and reagents

Other Resources

Note: This is just a beginning - more resources will be added.

Tools and Resources

cellHTS2 - software package implemented in Bioconductor/R to analyze cell-based high-throughput RNAi screens.

web cellHTS2 - front end for cellHTS2 for an end-to-end analysis of cell-based high-throughput screening experiments.

E-RNAi - web tool for the automated design and evaluation of RNAi reagents for a broad spectrum of organisms.

NEXT-RNAi - software for the design and evaluation of genome-wide RNAi libraries.

FLIGHT - online resource for RNAi screening data in D.melanogaster.

E-TALEN - web tool for the design of TALEN constructs.

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