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Whole genome functional analysis identifies novel components required for mitotic spindle integrity in human cells. Rines et al. (2008) Mitotic spindle integrity Histone H3 phosphorylation, alpha-tubulin protein expression and DNA contentHeLaH. sapiens


The mitotic spindle is a complex mechanical apparatus required for accurate segregation of sister chromosomes during mitosis. We designed a genetic screen using automated microscopy to discover factors essential for mitotic progression. Using a RNA interference library of 49,164 double-stranded RNAs targeting 23,835 human genes, we performed a loss of function screen to look for small interfering RNAs that arrest cells in metaphase.

Screen details

Stable Id: GR00099-A
Screen title: Mitotic spindle integrity
Assay: Histone H3 phosphorylation, alpha-tubulin protein expression and DNA content
Method: Fluorescence
Scope: Genome-wide
Screen type: Cell-based
Species: Homo sapiens
Biosource: Cell line
Biomodel: HeLa
Library: Qiagen, np
Reagent type: siRNA
Score type: Mitotic index
Cutoff: >= 3 standard deviations above mean
Notes: Ontology-based pattern identification (OPI) algorithm used.